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Holyland Bikepacking Challenge

October 17 - October 28 2024
Israel Masada
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Distances: 1,461km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb

The first self-supported mountain bike race from the north to the south of Israel across the historical landscapes of the Holy Land.

Bring your bike and gear and ride, self-supported, as fast as you can to the Red Sea.

We didn’t choose the shortest route nor the quickest from Mt. Hermon in the North to Eilat, the southernmost point in Israel, but we did choose the route that will take you through the historical places and landscapes that make our country so beautiful and special.

It will be a long ride  from Mt. Hermon, the highest mountain in Israel to Eilat riding through the Golan Hights, Sea of Galilee, Galilee mountains, the evergreen Mt. Carmel, Coastal Plain leading to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Negev and Arava deserts, and finally the Eilat mountains, ending at the shores of the Red Sea.

With total of 1,461km and elevation gain of over 20,000m it is not going to be an easy ride. The route passes along gravel roads, single tracks and ancient roman roads. This route is like no other; rough, painful and challenging but also rewarding and FUN.

Holyland Bikepacking Challenge

Start Located At: Masada Kibuts, Masada, Israel
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