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500 Millas Cannibal

September 06 - September 09 2024
Zaragoza Spain
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Distances: 500 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The 500 Mile Cannibal is born.

It is the first long distance gravel event with start and finish in the city of Zaragoza.

It is not a common event, it is a different and difficult event, you can mark it as the challenge of the year, with many difficult but not impossible moments, it is possible that you will not finish it or that you will almost die trying, with moments in which you think that The best thing would be to look for a shortcut and turn around, but the environment itself will make you reconsider, but be careful! You are going to have to come very well prepared, get mental, this is a cannibal event, don’t forget it.

Find your life, you will only carry a track that will keep you alive, think carefully about what you will carry in your bikepacking bags, there is no assistance, there is no possibility of bike shops and perhaps you will not find a bed to sleep either, you will no longer be in this world, forget it .

You will also go with a gps beacon , in this way we will know as organizers where you are at all times, we will be watching you online. 

A gravel event without support , out of the ordinary, nothing to do with anything known so far and that will mark you as a participant, with a before and after after completing the 500 Cannibal Miles. Without a doubt, the challenge of the year.

500 Millas Cannibal

Start Located At: Duque De Alba, 7I, 50007 Zaragoza, Spain
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Sep 06 2024 - EVENT: 500 Millas Cannibal