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Super Berlin Express 747

June 14 - June 16 2024
Hamburg Germany
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 767 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

747 wild bikepacking kilometers and a very important job in your bike bag: Find the legendary "SBE747-Spoke-Card" in Berlin and bring it back to Hamburg!

The first "Super Berlin Express 747" started in 2017. 

None of the passengers knew what they were getting into.  Is it a new brevet, a bikepacking event, an endurance race or a very long Alley Cat? We didn't know ourselves. Let alone that we had ever cycled over seven hundred kilometres at a stretch. 

Two days and two nights later we still hadn't found the answer, but we did know: somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin, in the plains of Brandenburg, on the summit of the Teufelsberg or somewhere on the dark shores of the Wannsee lies the secret of the Super Berlin Express 747. But you can only find it yourself. 

Super Berlin Express 747

Start Located At: Hamburg, Germany
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Jun 14 2024 - EVENT: Super Berlin Express 747