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Abenteuer Albtraum

June 29 2024
Hohenstein Germany
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Distances: 500km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
In about the first third you get to know the Albtrauf. Many castles, rock formations and phenomenal views make up for the typical, steep climbs and some meters of altitude. With the Plettenberg (1002m) you will climb one of the 1000m mountains with the Lemberg (1016m) the highest point of the Swabian Jura.

After that it gets a little flatter in the Danube Valley and other valleys. Magnificent monasteries and idyllic river valleys will pass you by and you will have many encounters with saints and learn humility on many a way of the cross.

On the last third you will encounter impressive "springs" with Urspring and Blautopf and with various castles, a former military training area and Celtic installations, there are always traces of military use. You cross the biosphere area Swabian Alb and collect some more meters of altitude. Before you slowly approach your destination again, the NIGHTmare makes sure that you take more impressions home with you than you can handle - although not everything can be separated: Lonely villages, churches and chapels accompany your entire NIGHTmare as well such as interesting rock formations, caves, former volcanoes, witness mountains, numerous castles and monasteries, the typical juniper heath and some nature reserves.

PS: If you don't have enough, there is the possibility to turn onto the "ALBTräumle" on the way and come back to the ALBTraum route at another point.

Abenteuer Albtraum

Start Located At: Hohenstein, Germany
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