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Bayrisch Lettn

December 29 2024
Nuremburg Germany
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 389km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

We love mountains. And fortunately in Bavaria there are not only high mountains on the edge of the Alps.

For this reason we want to bring you closer to the Bavarian Forest in the second edition of Bayrisch Lettn!

The old trading town of Cham is not far from the Czech border.

Easily accessible by train and easy to get to by car, Cham serves as the starting and finishing point.

There are four peaks to climb, each over 1000 meters high.

Two of them are in Germany and two in the Czech Republic:

Großer Arber (1455 m above sea level)
Polednik (Midday Mountain) (1315 m above sea level)
Großer Falkenstein (1315 m above sea level)
Špicák (Spitzberg) (1202 m above sea level)

The track leads almost exclusively through the two large national parks of the Bavarian Forest and Šumava.
Both national parks are remote areas with poor infrastructure but impressive nature.

Although the track is short at just under 380km, it requires stamina and the right translation with around 8000 meters of altitude difference - internally, the area has not earned the nickname "Scheiß steep Bavarian Forest" for nothing. ??

Bayrisch Lettn

Start Located At: Nuremburg, Germany
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Dec 29 2024 - EVENT: Bayrisch Lettn