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Wetterau 23

December 29 2024
Alte Bleiche Germany
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Distances: 400km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The Wetterau is one of the oldest German cultural landscapes and was already densely populated in the Bronze Age because of its fertile soil. Celtic excavations testify to this. Roman legions also use the fertile soil and built the Limes along the way.

Not only the Celts and Romans but also the cyclists have opened up the Wetterau for themselves. However, this wonderful scenic area is not every cyclist's darling. The frequent winds, the constant ups and downs, the demanding road surface and being at the mercy of the weather require more than just good legs.

With the Wetterau3, an attempt is made to give the participants the opportunity not only to ride a track but to immerse themselves in the Wetterau and experience the different historical and scenic impressions. May this exercise be successful.

Wetterau 23

Start Located At: Western Club Maintal, Kleingartengebiet, Alte Bleiche 52, 63477
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