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Race To The Rock

August 31 2024
Brisbane Australia
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Distances: 621, 2361 miles
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

Race To The Rock is a mountain bike cycling event category bikepacking, ultra in Australia, state Queensland. The edition Race To The Rock will take place in Brisbane, Queensland.

Race To The Rock is offering 2 routes (621, 2361 miles) for mountain bike  

Organizer: The Race to the Rock is an annual unsupported ultra-distance bicycle race through the Australian Outback. Unlike stage races, it runs continuously until the competitors finish the race, forcing them to make such strategic choices as whether it would be better to take time to eat or sleep, or to sacrifice those things and press on. Race to the Rock is an unsupported race, which means that racers are not permitted to draft or to obtain help from anything other than publicly available sources that are available for all.

Race To The Rock

Start Located At: Brisbane, Australia
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