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Strade Statskog North East Gravel

August 09 - August 14 2024
Tynset Norway
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Distances: 380 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Limited to: 200 Participants

Strade Statskog North East Gravel is a e-bike, gravel bike, mountain bike cycling event category bikepacking in Norway, region Eastern Norway limited to 200 participants. The edition Strade Statskog North East Gravel took place in Tynset, fylke Innlandet, Eastern Norway.  

Organizer: The mountain region is a fantastic area that offers perfect cycling routes. 
You will experience secluded alleys, airy mountain slopes, dry pine bogs, rivers, lakes, exciting surprises behind every turn from start to finish. 
The route is one long round; (380km) you decide where and when to stop to eat, and where and when (and if) to stop to sleep. Full freedom of choice.

The route is varied and includes dirt roads, paths, carriage roads and some asphalt. 

Strade Statskog North East Gravel


Start Located At: Tynset, Fylke Innlandet, Eastern Norway.
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Aug 09 2024 - EVENT: Strade Statskog North East Gravel