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June 06 - June 10 2024
Banja Luka Bosnia And Herzegovi
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 1215km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
Welcome to a spectacular cycling adventure in Bosnia & Herzegovina!

Everything’s ready for the 5th edition of B-HARD Ultra Race & Brevet!

Our event is unique in many ways but primarily as it has been specifically designed to boost positive image and promote tourism of a very understated and beautiful country while at the same time allow you to move your personal limits. The 1215 km route has been carefully crafted to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina “in a nutshell” and passes through National Parks, along rivers, lakes and waterfalls, over 1984 Winter Olympics ski-centers, by UNESCO World Heritage sites and generally over stunning (and hilly) terrain.

Although unsupported in its essence, it’s not a hardcore survival task but a perfect blend of our traditional hospitality, sightseeing and cycling – therefore it is an amazing and unforgettable cycling experience, both for expert and novice endurance riders alike. Why? Because advanced ultra-distance cyclists will be able to focus on riding efficiently while those only getting into this sport will find it a very convenient way to enjoy this discipline, be it in a race or in a brevet ride.

Additionally, the new route is the best iteration of the B-HARD route to date, with even more nature, climbs and epic views and even less traffic!


Start Located At: Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovi
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Jun 06 2024 - EVENT: BHard
Jun 07 2024 - EVENT: Bhard Ultra Race Brevet