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Race Around Denmark

May 20 - May 24 2024
Hornslet Denmark
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 403, 578, 930km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb

Unsupported ultra cycling refers to a type of cycling where the riders compete over long distances, without any external support or assistance. This means that the riders must carry all the equipment and supplies they need on their bikes and must fend for themselves throughout the race.

This usually requires a high degree of independence and skills in navigating, repairing and surviving in desolate areas, as the riders will typically traverse large distances without access to supplies or the help of a support car or a teammate.

Unsupported ultra cycling is often seen as a challenge and a test of the rider's endurance, physical and mental strength, and ability to overcome challenges and unforeseen situations on their own.

Bag Race Around Denmark consists of a small group of people who are passionate about cycling and, in particular, creating experiences for people.

In 2020, Uggi Kaldan took over the race from founder and former RAAM finisher Peter Sandholdt.

Uggi runs the cycling blog and arranges, among other things, also the dirt bike race Dirty Jutland, as well as the Round of Flanders tribute Ronde van Borum.

Race Around Denmark

Start Located At: Hornslet, Denmark
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May 20 2024 - EVENT: Race Around Denmark