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BRM 300 Lake Constance

April 26 2025
Lake Constance Switzerland
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Distances: 302km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

Ultracycling enthusiasts, got up from your sofa cracks: It's time for the sweaty, almost unbearable, but actually masochistic challenge around the beautiful but treacherous Lake Constance.

The adventurous big brother of the BRM 200 BODENSEE+ takes you into the unknown volcanic area of ??the Hegau, where the bravest daredevils can optionally climb the remains of Hohenhewen Castle. Enchanted side roads take you to the Napoleonseck with a view of a volcanic landscape (CP-1) and then you continue straight to Tuttlingen (CP-2) in the Black Forest-Baar-Heuberg region.

Lonely paths lead you with a few pain caprioles in your legs to Sipplingen on the Obersee (CP-3), where you then cross gentle hills and picturesque villages. Lindau welcomes you with the most beautiful harbor entrance on Lake Constance - an oasis of holiday feeling deluxe (CP-4)! First-class, seductive calorie bunkers in the old town of Lindau fill up your batteries again.

This is followed by the border crossing to the charming Vorarlberg state capital, Bregenz. Here in the catacombs of this brevet you can take it easy on your calves. conservation? What a myth. Enjoy the flat St. Gallen Rhine Valley with each of your tear-filled breaths before you return to the inferno on traffic-calmed side streets to St. Anton (CP-5). In good weather you can enjoy a magnificent view of the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, the Alpstein, but also over Lake Constance. You roll via Appenzellerland to the capital of the canton of St. Gallen.

The crowning finale over the mostly gentle hills of Mostindien (nicknamed Canton Thurgau) including the Seerücken demands a few more grains, whereby you head for your last checkpoint (CP-6) in Thurgau with the Liebenfels Castle and then back to the base camp or ultracycling -Dive Olympus into book SH. Are you up to this devilish challenge? Laugh in the face of pain (or secretly cry into your pillow afterwards).

BRM 300 Lake Constance

Start Located At: 8263 Buch Sh, Switzerland
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