Gran Fondo Asheville, NC July 14th

All Around Perche

April 12 - April 14 2025
La Ferté Bernard France
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Distances: 330km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

Come and participate in this step of the OUTDOOR CYCLING SERIES, oh so remarkable to discover the PERCHE REGIONAL NATURAL PARK!

Adventure sports event in ultra-distance cycling on the road and in autonomy (bikepacking) to explore a natural and wild territory of our beautiful France.—

The CONCEPT of the OUTDOOR CYCLING SERIES is to offer a series of Outdoor Adventures in Bikepacking, in total autonomy (GPS navigation, solid and liquid supplies, clothing and technical equipment, possible repairs and accommodation, etc.) on small winding and surprising country roads, even surprising, the time of a weekend each at their own pace, alone or with others, to discover authentic, bucolic territories and characteristics of our beautiful France on a unique track of ultra-cycling.

The idea is to meet the local populations, to visit their cultural, architectural and of course natural heritage, to fully experience a sporting and human adventure, of which only the participants themselves will be able to testify and remember knowing what they will have lived!

It is not a competition or a race but an event, an event, an ADVENTURE TO SHARING, a hike, a discovery, a journey, an exploration, a challenge, or even a challenge in total autonomy of management, progression and navigation.

This is the philosophy of the OUTDOOR CYCLING SERIES!

All Around Perche

Start Located At: La Ferté Bernard, France
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