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Tour Gondwana

August 21 2024
Brisbane Australia
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Distances: 1950km
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

A Bikepacking route from Brisbane to Blue Mountains

Tour Gondwana(TG) is a challenging 1950km bikepacking route that traverses the Great Dividing Range (GDR) from Brisbane (QLD) to the Blue Mountains (NSW). Your ride will take you into and around some of the most stunning National Parks and Gondwana Rainforests on the east coast of Australia. Over 50% or 1000km plus of the route is gravel, dirt tracks or 4wd roads with some areas of the route are remote with resupply shops to be accurately calculated by the rider. You can choose to ride 1000km and finish in Coffs harbour (B2C) or 1950km finishing at Blackheath NSW(B2B).                    

You can ride the route anytime.

 Tour Gondwana

Start Located At: Brisbane, Australia
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