Gran Fondo Maryland, September 15th

HAD Gravel

September 22 2024
Haschendorf Austria
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Distances: 18km
Difficulty: Basically flat, no steep hills

The Union

The ARBÖ, Wienenergie, Röhsler&Co is a colorful mix of young drivers, hobbyists and licensed drivers.

From mountain bikers to racing cyclists, from cross-country to time trialists, our members cover (almost) all facets of cycling.

What sets us apart is the friendly atmosphere of club life. In the club races, the focus is on the community, only secondarily are the placings.

During the irregular club trips, it is always an experience to see the attention that the large number of cyclists in club clothing attract.

Many of the stronger riders support the “weaker” ones with tips for training and pass on their know-how during practical training rides.


Marked and marked round (approx. 18km/40m) on varying surfaces (gravel-sand-forest floor) on the Haschendorfer “Had”, 2490 Haschendorf (municipality of Ebenfurth) and the TÜPL of the Austrian Federal Army (access only permitted for this event!)

HAD Gravel

Start Located At: Haschendorf, Austria
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