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Backroads Gravel

August 10 2024
Nabawa WA
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Distances: 10, 20, 60, 100, 160km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The BackRoads Gravel is a new gravel cycling event that is being held in midwest WA, in the Chapman Valley near Geraldton. Geraldton is a 4 hour drive north of Perth, so this event is the perfect excuse to get out of the city for the weekend.

You’ll find 5 different gravel events on offer:

the 100 Mile (160km) Big Canola
the 100km Fields of Gold
the 60km Lupin Loop
the 20km Farmroad Flyer
10km Gravel Groms

If you’re looking to explore new horizons, Backroads offers the perfect challenge for you. It’ll take you through some of the most picturesque routes around, including through fields of wildflowers and canola crops whilst they’re in full bloom.

Don’t take it from me, this is a great day out that will test those doing the longer distance rides. I did end up making a long weekend to be fresh for the Saturday morning start.

Backroads Gravel

Start Located At: Nabawa, WA
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Aug 10 2024 - EVENT: Backroads Gravel