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Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet

September 06 2024
Andermatt Switzerland
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 64, 108, 212, 268 km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
Limited to: 4000 Participants

The internationally popular Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet is a classic of cycling marathons in the Alps, is part of the Swiss Cycling Top Tour and is the largest grassroots cycling event in Switzerland. Every year 3000 riders take part, with about 40% coming from abroad. The Alpenbrevet is not a race but a tour and accordingly there is no ranking. At the end of the day everyone is a winner.

The Alpenbrevet is aimed at cycling enthusiasts from young to old and from all over the world, for whom not primarily the competition, but the experience and the mastering of a personal challenge is in the focus.

Nowhere else can you handle as many mountain passes and altitude metres in one day as at the Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet. The Platintour offers the epic mountain passes Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalp and is strictly limited to 500 participants. If you don’t feel up to this challenge, you can switch to the shorter, but no less attractive gold, silver or bronze tour. The gold tour leads over four passes and the silver tour attracts, among other things, the historic Tremola at the Gotthard. The bronze tour starts in Ulrichen (Obergoms), leads over the Nufenen and Gotthard, and ends in Andermatt.

Nearest Airport: Berne, Zurich or Geneva

Cyclists: Limited to 3,000 riders

Alpenbrevet Platinum-Tour

Challenge: 7'090m of climbing over 268km
Climbs: Susten (2,224m), Grimsel (2,165m), Nufenen (2,478m), Lukmanier (1,915m) and Oberalp (2,044m)

The Platintour marks the toughest challenge on this year’s Alpenbrevet. Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. During the crossing of Susten, Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalppass you climb with your bike just under 7,000 meters of altitude.

Limited to 500 participants.

Alpenbrevet Gold-Tour

Challenge: 5'080m of climbing over 212km
Climbs: Furka (2,429m), Nufenen (2,478m), Lukmanier (1,915m) and Oberalp (2,044m)

he gold tour is a big challenge. Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. During the crossing of Furka, Nufenen, Lukmanier and Oberalppass, you climb almost 5,000 metres of altitude with your bike. After four passes and a final descent from the Oberalppass, an incomparable feeling of happiness awaits you in the finish.

Limited to 1000 participants.

Alpenbrevet Silver-Tour

Challenge: 3'200m of climbing over 108km
Climbs:  Furka (2,429m), Nufenen (2,478m) and Gotthard (2,106m)

The legendary Gotthard Pass awaits you on the silver tour. Start and finish are in Andermatt as usual. During the crossing of Furka, Nufenen and Gotthard you master almost 4,000 meters of altitude. After the last descent at the Gotthard you are one of the admirable finishers of the silver tour.

Alpenbrevet Bronze-Tour

Challenge: 2'140m of climbing over 64km
Climbs: Nufenen (2,478m) and Gotthard (2,106m)

The legendary Gotthard pass awaits you on the Bronzetour. Start is in Obergoms and the finish is in Andermatt. During the crossing of Nufenen and Gotthard you master 2’190 meters of altitude. After the last descent on the Gotthard, you are one of the admirable finishers of the Bronzetour.



Start Located At: Andermatt, Switzerland
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Registration Fees

Bronze Tour: CHF 83

Silver Tour: CHF 110

Gold Tour: CHF 110

Platin Tour: CHF 114

Alpenbrevet diploma
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timing transponder / finisher list (without ranking)
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Number of Aid Stations: 6
Sep 06 2024 - EVENT: Swiss Cycling Alpenbrevet