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Tour of the Quilt Country

Tour of the Quilt Country

January 25 2025
Trenton Florida USA
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Distances: 44, 62, 106 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
NFFGS is again pleased to announce a stage ride on Saturday 28 January.

Gilchrist and Levy counties each have quilt shops and quilt museums, so it is obviously "quilt country." But they also have a great network of low traffic limerock farm roads. You will see only one active traffic signal over the entire 106 miles.

The ride consists of two separate stages: the North loop is 62 miles (+/- 46 miles limerock) and the South loop is 44 miles (+/- 26 miles limerock). We'll roll out of Trenton on the north loop first, return to the parking area for an extended food stop, then do the south loop. If you're still feeling snappy...

This ride is free and completely unsupported. There is one store stop option on the North stage. There are ZERO refueling stops on the South stage (if you're desperate, there is a hosepipe at the Levy County Quilt Museum). Please plan your onboard nutrition accordingly so you don't have to call your mum! And bring your own lunch for consumption between stages.

Parking at the Nature Coast Trailhead right next to the old Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop (now defunct!).

Route files will be posted here during the week prior to event.

Tour of the Quilt Country

Start Located At: Old Trenton Railway Depot 100 Northwest 4th Avenue Trenton, FL 32693
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