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Sufferin Summits 2018

Sufferin' Summits

September 07 2024
Issaquah, WA
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Distances: 15, 33, 55 miles
Limited to: 100 Participants

"A special kind of stupid"

Inspired by Ronde PDX, Sufferin' Summits is simply the hilliest ride I could fit into 50 (ish) miles. It's held in Issaquah Washington - which features the highest concentration of steep climbs in the Puget Sound area - and features four climbs of over 1000', and maximum gradients around 23%.And it also features some of the best views in the area, so at least there is a reward at the top of some of the climbs.

If you like the 7 Hills of Kirkland, this might be the ride for you. If you enjoyed Passport 2 Pain but thought that it had too many flat and easy parts, this is definitely the ride for you. 

The ride is marked if the organizer has time to do the marking ahead of time. There is a GPS route available, but note that it can be a bit confusing because in some places the route loops back over itself.

You should consider this ride to be totally self-supported. There is water available at a few spots along the route and food at one of the stores. There might be snacks at the halfway point, but there might not. 

The start time is officially 7AM to try to get a couple of hills out of the way before it warms up, but you are welcome to start at any time. 

Sufferin' Summits

Start Located At: Tibbetts Valley Park, 965 12th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA
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Official start time is from 8AM - 9AM, but riders may depart whenever they wish. 

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No fee.