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Four Peaks Gran Fondo 2017

Four Peaks Gran Fondo

August 13 2022
Pocatello, Idaho, USA
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Distances: 82 miles
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
Limited to: 500 - 1999 Riders Participants

The course covers the 4 main peaks in and around Pocatello, Idaho. It is a beautiful course with rollers, great climbs, and nice scenery. As far as options go, we have added teams (2-4 people) and also what we call a valley ride for those who want to participate, but are newer to cycling. The valley ride takes you from base to base without any of the peaks. The highlights of each are that you can challenge yourself. You can ride it all yourself, or enjoy it with friends. It is hard to choose a favorite peak: Crystal is a good warm up, Scout is beautiful, there is a sense of accomplishment with Pebble, and you may see wild turkeys and some deer on Buckskin.

82 miles, 7800ft total elevation gain. Climb the 4 peaks of the Portneuf Valley; Crystal, Scout Mountain, Pebble Creek, Buckskin. 

The hill climb portions are timed with timing chips. Downhill portions are not timed. Cumulative climb times will be combined to determine rank.

Our Title Donation Recipient for this year's 4 Peaks Gran Fondo is the Idaho Interscholastic Cycling League!

Four Peaks Gran Fondo 2017

Start Located At: Pocatello, Idaho
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Prize / Race Categories

4 Peak riders' cumulative start to finish times ARE NOT TIMED.  There is no prize for finishing the entire 4 Peaks Grand Fondo first.

There are prizes for QOM/KOM cumulative climb times for each of the categories.  The Valley Ride is a for-fun ride and is not timed. 

The committee developed this ride in an effort to showcase the amazing riding we have in and around Pocatello and Inkom and to see who had the legs to battle all 4 peaks!












2016 bring 3 new options for the 4 Peaks Gran Fondo with two relay rides and a Valley Ride!

- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo - 50+ (M/W) (KOM/QOM will be crowned!)
- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo - 35-50 (M/W) (KOM/QOM will be crowned!)
- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo - <35 (M/W) (KOM/QOM will be crowned!)
- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo Relay - Team Relay
- 4 Peaks Gran Fondo Valley Ride

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