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2017 TORTOUR Ultracycling

TORTOUR Ultracycling

August 18 - August 20 2022

TORTOUR is the biggest multiday nonstop ultracycling event in the world. The race which starts and finishes in Schaffhausen, demands a great deal of its cyclists and crews. Riding non-stop, day and night, the athletes have to overcome the 1,000 km route over several Alpine passes in only two days, either solo or in a team. Mastering this challenging adventure takes blood, sweat and tears – but the unique cycling experience and feeling of achievement is worth it! 2017 the official Swiss Ultra-Cycling Champions will be crowned for the third time in the TORTOUR format. The event kicks off with the prologue at the famous Rhine Falls.


TORTOUR: 1,000 km, 13’000 m of climb
CHALLENGE: 550 km, 7,000 m of climb
SPRINT: 370 km, 4,000 m of climb

Participants must be over 18 years of age (TORTOUR) or over 16 (CHALLENGE/SPRINT) and can be professional athletes or ambitious amateur cyclists. www.tortour.com

2017 TORTOUR Ultracycling

Routes: 370, 550, 1000 km
Difficulty of Greatest Route: F - Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles
Start Times / Itinerary

Thursday, 17.08.2017

•Check-In 10.00 – 13.00 hrs
•Pasta Party 12.00 – 13.30 hrs
•Briefing 13.30 – 14.15 hrs
•Prolog from 15.15 hrs

Friday, 18.08.2017
•Race start at 00.30 hrs

Saturday, 19.08.2017
•First arrival TORTOUR from 10.30 hrs

Sunday, 20.08.2017
•Finish TORTOUR 02.00 hrs
•Door opening 09.30 hrs
Brunch 10.00 hrs
presentation ceremony 11.15 hrs


(1F) female CHF 980.—
(1M) + (1M/50+) male CHF 980.— (1M/50+) Participants born until August 17, 1967 or earlier

Team of 2
(2F) female CHF 1580.—
(2M) male CHF 1580.—
(2F/M) mixed CHF 1580.—

Team of 4
(4F) female CHF 2680.—
(4M) male CHF 2680.—
(4F/M) mixed CHF 2680.— 2 women at least

Team of 6
(6) open CHF 3980.— free choice

What's Included?

time measurement / GPS-Chip (on loan)
route-book, GPS-data
TORTOUR Starter-Shirt (Athlets)
Pasta-Party and Brunch / Award Ceremony
Labels for Bike and car (without reflectors for bike)

Adequate Car Parking
Free Parking
Support for Participants
Route Card
First Aid
Electronic Start/Finish Timing
Category / Race Prizes
Finishing Medals
Results Within 24 Hours
Downloadable GPS files
Event Size
500 - 1999 Riders
Start Address: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
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