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Gravel Fondo

June 28 - June 30 2024
Palatinate Forest Germany
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Distances: 100 km day 1, 60 km day 2
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Limited to: 260 Participants

Gravelbikes define an entirely new style of riding. The bikes combine the efficiency of a roadbike with the CX-bikes’ option of leaving the beaten track. Go deeper into nature than ever before while listening to the gravel grinding underneath your tires.

Around the next corner, grab your drops and attack again on tarmac. For VOTEC, gravelbikes allow to break out of your road routine and create your very own riding adventures: way beyond the traditional categories.

The VOTEC Gravel Fondo is not a cycling race with competitive character, we see it as a casual ride in a beautiful setting. It is open to anyone who has the necessary sporting skills to cover challenging tracks on mixed terrains. A license or club membership is not required. Be aware that the tracks are never closed off or secured with marshals- please stick to the traffic laws.  The underground of the course varies characteristic of a gravel event: asphalt, gravel, forest roads and light trails. A gravel or cyclocross bike is best for the trails. Specially designed STRAVA-Segments along the route offer the opportunity to compete in the ranking of the Strava App.

On Saturday, the 29.08.2020 roundabout 90 km with ca. 2000 HM to climb will wait for you. Those who prefer a shorter trip can choose the approx. 60 km long route option with approx. 1300 HM. On the way, there will be refreshment stations to recharge your energy and for those who are looking for a sporty challenge, STRAVA segments are set up to let off steam. After the tour there will be a big barbecue and we will enjoy campfire atmosphere together at the Forsthaus Annweiler.

On the following Sunday, 30.08.2020 the Forsthaus Annweiler will be our basecamp again and after a coffee and a small breakfast snack we will have prepared two route options for you for a hang-over ride. Provisionally planned 60 km with 1300 HM and alternatively 40 km with 800 HM for those who dived to deep into their wine glas the evening before. Whether alone or with your new friends, you can once again absorb the Palatinate Forest atmosphere and can explore the finest gravel roads. Don´t worry you wan´t starve on the way  we will provide you with some fine rocket fuel.

The tracks will be sent by e-mail to all registered participants one week before the event as a GPX file and published in the Gravel Fondo Strava Club. The participant is responsible for the fact that he / she has saved the routes with the help of a mobile device or a cycling computer or similar and with this can leave the official route at any time. Our partner WAHOO will have some ELMNT GPS-bike computers with route data to borrow for the two days on site.

VOTEC Gravel Fondo

Start Located At: Forsthaus Annweiler am Trifels, Palatinate Forest
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From the 30th of August up to the 31th of August 2020 the fith edition of the Gravel Fondo will take place.

Your favorite Gravel event is celebrating its fith anniversary. After a fulminant conquest of the Palatinate Forest 2019 we will be back again. Get ready for awesome gravel slopes, vast pine forests and majestic views in the Palatinate Forest. Not only home of Saumagen, liverwurst and wine Schoppen, but also training ground of cycling legends like the Bölts brothers or marathon professionals Karl Platt and Wolfram Kurschat.

Enjoy the Palatine hospitality and discover with us the “Tuscany” of Germany. Our home base for our Gravel Weekender will be the Forsthaus Annweiler. From there, we will start our tours and meet on Saturday evening for the traditional barbecue. For the “real” outdoor fans, we will also have camping facilities available on the grounds of the forester’s lodge. All those who want to extend the vibe of the weekend and want to visit the Eurobike afterwards can join the VOTEC Gravelroad to Eurobike. All information coming soon at this point.

Get one of the limited starting places and sign up.

More detailed information about the timetable, route profile coming soon at this point.

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Mechanical Support at Rest Stops
KOM/QOM Competition
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