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Tour de Haute Veluwe

April 13 2024
Bennekom, Netherlands
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Distances: 80, 110, 115, 150km

Saturday 22 April 2018, the 22nd Tour de Haute Veluwe (80, 110, 115 and 150km) is scheduled.

This NTFU 3 stars tour of the southern and eastern part of the Veluwe has not got the classic status for nothing. Varied landscapes, beautiful and pristine natural areas, quite a bit of altitude differences and good catering facilities at the checkpoints. There are 4 distances (80, 110, 115 and 150 km), where you can choose to go via Radio Kootwijk and / or via the Postbank. All distances go back to Bennekom via the slopes at Oosterbeek and Doorwerth.

Tour de Haute Veluwe

Start Located At: Manege without Drempels, Bovenbuurtweg 50A, 6721 MN in Bennekom
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