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Sydbank Stjernetour De Grindsted

Sydbank Stjernetour De Grindsted

May 03 2025
Grindsted Denmark
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Distances: 44, 100, 125, 180 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

Spring class Sydbank Stjernetour de Grindsted welcomes the 26th anniversary edition, the bike race where everyone can join!

In 2024 there will be 4 routes again and as last years a MTB route.

With a good bike and a little workout, everyone can join the 62 km route. Most of the course is driven by smaller and sparsely busy roads. There are exciting and varied routes in the beautiful central / southern Jutland area. At 180 km the route and 125 km there is an exciting hilly terrain that presents great challenges for even well-trained cyclists. At 125 km and 180 km the riders are confronted with some of Denmark's sharpest hikes around the Dorset gravel grave and Vejle Ådal. The routes have approximately 900 and 1300 altitude meters!

Distances and prices
44 km MTB - 180 kr. Incl. charge to "Sporlaug" (easy terrain via paths with gravel and asphalt to Grene Sande and return to Grindsted)
62 km - 160 kr. - 250 altitude meters
100 km - 180 kr. - 650 altitude meters
125 km - 200 kr. - 900 altitude meters
180 km - 250 kr. - 1300 altitude meters 

Sydbank Stjernetour De Grindsted

Start Located At: Grindsted, Denmark
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