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Coast 2 Coast Jylland

Coast 2 Coast Jylland

August 27 2022
Søndervig, Denmark
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 195 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Limited to: 2,000 or less Participants

Coast2Coast Jutland is Denmark's newest race race across Jutland. Start on the west coast of Søndervig and aim at the legendary Aarhus Cycle Route. The route is unique with amazing scenery, first through the harsh flat West Jutland landscape, after which all the central and east Jutland hills are forced.


The first 100 km will be driven by the master, by the driver and the road captain, leading to each starting group. The groups will be divided by pace. Here is the time for your enjoyment.


The race will be divided into starting groups, both the master section and the bike race section, you choose the starting group when you buy the ticket. The groups will be about 150 men each. group. There are 24 - 26 - 28 - + 30 km / h. During the first 100 kilometers of the master we expect the groups to be held together, both because it is flat and because you can not overdo the master and thus "pull the pace up".

After the depot in Hjøllund (100 km) the race is free and the last 91 kilometers run at its own pace.


There will be a maximum of 150 participants in each group.
· 24 km / h start at 09:00
· 26 km / h start at 9.20
· 28 km / h start at 09.40 (single people and small teams)
· 28 km / h start at 09.50 (Team / team plus 10 participants)
· + 30 km / h start at 10:10

After the depot in Hjøllund (100 km) the race is free and the last 91 kilometers run at its own pace.

20 minutes after the first group has arrived at Hjøllund and with 5 min interval, the first group will be sent from Hjøllund, it is optional which group to start from Hjøllund.


There are 4 depots to Denmark's nicest.

Kibæk - "Langezone Light" - delivered energy drink, water, fruit and energy bar.
Hjøllund - Top food. Running and timing starts here.
Owner Bavnehøj - "The highest depot of Denmark", literally.
Solbjerg - Last depot - delights for worthy needy

Coast 2 Coast Jylland

Start Located At: Søndervig, Denmark
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Aug 27 2022 - EVENT: Coast 2 Coast Jylland