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Radmarathon Grieskirchen

Radmarathon Grieskirchen

July 09 - July 10 2022
Grieskirchen, Austria
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 24 hours

24-hour race, the route takes in a circular route over 21.5 km from Grieskirchen via Pollham, towards St. Marienkirchen and Bad Schallerbach back to the town square in Grieskirchen. 173 meters in altitude are mastered in one lap.

Individual classification: Ladies- / Men- / Masters ranking (Masters ladies / men over 50 years - key date 08.07.1967)
2-man teams: women's, men's and mixed scores. As part of the mixed ranking, the "Wedding Appraisal" will also be held. Those couples who wish to attend the wedding special must use the word "LOVE" in the login name when registering.

4-man teams: women's and men's ranking

Big-Teams (rating 5-12 riders): Men's ranking and mixed ranking (at least 30% women who have to drive at least 30% of the total kilometers).
Business Cup (at least 50% of employees who have to drive 50% of the total kilometers) The remaining team members must be at least closest partners => legitimacy required!)

Radmarathon Grieskirchen

Start Located At: Grieskirchen, Austria
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Prize / Race Categories

Examples of mixed team:

Team size 12: men 8 / at least 4 women
Team size 11: men 7 / at least 4 ladies
Team size 10: men 7 / at least 3 ladies
Team size 09: Men 6 / at least 3 ladies
Team size 08: men 5 / at least 3 ladies
Team size 07: Men 4 / at least 3 ladies
Team size 06: men 4 / at least 2 women
Team size 05: Men 3 / at least 2 ladies

The team captain is responsible for meeting the correct mixed team quota! 

Jul 09 2022 - EVENT: Radmarathon Grieskirchen