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Around Brunner Cycle Ride

Around Brunner Cycle Ride

May 03 2025
Greymouth New Zealand
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Distances: 130, 260 km
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

2019 saw Around Brunner have a major change, with the Start and Finish being at Moana Hotel Lake Brunner.  This was a huge success and will remain this way now.

This changes the race significantly and eliminates the traffic issues in central Greymouth and the old Taramakau Rail Bridge is no longer with a brand new bridge across the Taramakua which you won’t even notice as a bridge.  This makes this iconic event a brand new race.

Both the Around Brunner 130km and Enduro 260km will be held.

This fantastic event is in its 14th year.

Around Brunner caters for all competitors from the Elite rider through to the Recreational Rider with age group categories throughout. We’ll even cater for those that want to ride their e-Bike in the event, as this keeps so many riders active.  Riding an e-Bike means you’re non-competitive but still doing the event and eligible for spot prizes.

Around Brunner started as a 130km sealed circuit cycle ride taking you through some of the most stunning scenery New Zealand has to offer. In 2015 the Enduro, 2 laps of the traditional ride being 260km was introduced and in 2019 the change of the start/finish to Moana Lake Brunner.

Around Brunner Cycle Ride

Start Located At: Greymouth, New Zealand
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