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Wish One 130

June 03 2022
Sévérac d’Aveyron, France
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Distances: 130 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

Wish One is a french cycling brand based in the department of Aveyron. When Maxime Poisson and François-Xavier Blanc founded the company their ultimate goal was to inspire people to ride their bike. Human is at the center of the project because they believe that bicycle is a great vector of progress for the humanity. They organized a durable eco-system to design unique bicycles in terms of design and performance.

They also thought about how to create new inspiration for the cycling practice, their goal was to explore new way of approaching cycling : far away from the busy roads, in beautiful scenery… while making it epic, challenging and fun. It’s where the idea of creating the Wish One 130 started.

The Wish One 130 «des Causses à l’Aubrac»

The Wish One 130 is an ultimate cycling race composed of a mixture of rustic asphalted roads and pure gravel. It’s highly challenging due to the distance to cover (+130kms) and the 3.000m+ positive elevation. There will be 4 time sections during the course that will determined the classi?cation. This format is adapted to well prepared athletes.

The Wish One 130 Route

The Wish One Bikepacking is an alternative for people who want to experience the Aveyron roads and trails with a more gentle approach taking the time to visit the nice villages and chill. It’s a 2 days format with less than 100kms per day, it’s a self suf?sant randonnée, the ?rst day will end up in the village of Séverac d’Aveyron where you will have to organize your accommodation. (See more infos on the Wish One website).

Aveyron: live true

Located in the south west of France, Aveyron is a great destination for nature lovers. Its unspoilt nature, diverse landscapes, local skills and traditions are sure to enchant you. Its wide open spaces – limestone plateaus, gorges and valleys, mountains and lakes – are the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities or simple relaxation. Here, you can explore a wonderful way of life, gastronomy and craft skills, and enjoy a friendly atmosphere. Enjoy exploring!

Located in the south west of France, Aveyron is a great destination for nature lovers.

Wish One 130 des Causses à l’Aubrac 2020, August 29

Gravel race with 4 timed sections

Start: Sévérac d’Aveyron

Finish: Brameloup

Distance: 138 km

Total ascending: 3,000 m

Total descending: 2,160 m

Highest point: 1,310 m

Lowest point: 430 m

Start Located At: Sévérac d’Aveyron, France
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