Wares Essex?

Wares Cambridge?

March 19 2023
Suffolk, East Of England, UK
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Distances: 30,50, 80 miles
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

The Ware’s Cambridge? ride is a great way to get your season kickstarted. The challenge of getting to Cambridge from just outside London and then making it back will hopefully give you the extra motivation needed to clock up the 80 mile loop. All three routes are perfect for those looking to take in countryside views, as well as giving you the opportunity on the home stretch to get your average speed up on the rolling roads that lead back to HQ.

There are also two other shorter routes that may be for you if you are haven’t been able to keep the miles going through the winter, or simply because you are a newcomer wanting to get a taste of a well run event. These are 50 and 30 mile routes that don’t quite get you to cambridge, but will still give you that great feeling of achievement!

Wares Cambridge?

Start Located At: Allenburys Sports and Social Club Priory Street Ware Hertfordshire SG12 0DJ
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Prize / Race Categories

We have put together some standard times to make your ride results a little more interesting.

The Standard Times for 100 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 5:50 Gold,  6:10 Silver,  6:40 Bronze.
Age Group 40 to 49 = 6:05 Gold,  6:20 Silver,  6:50 Bronze.
Age Group 50 to 59 = 6:15 Gold,  6:35 Silver,  7:05 Bronze.
Age Group 60+          = 6:40 Gold,  7:00 Silver,  7:30 Bronze.

The Standard Times for 70 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 4:00 Gold,  4:20 Silver,  4:45 Bronze
Age Group 40 to 49 = 4:10 Gold,  4:30 Silver,  4:55 Bronze
Age Group 50 to 59 = 4:20 Gold,  4:45 Silver,  5:10 Bronz
Age Group 60+        = 4:40 Gold,  5:05 Silver,  5:30 Bronze.

The Standard Times for 40 miles are:

Age Group 18 to 39 = 2:15 Gold, 2:35 Silver, 3:00 Bronze
Age Group 40 to 49 = 2:25 Gold, 2:45 Silver, 3:15 Bronze
Age Group 50 to 59 = 2:35 Gold, 3:00 Silver, 3:25 Bronze
Age Group 60+       = 2:55 Gold, 3:20 Silver, 3:45 Bronze.

Ladies add 20 mins to each category

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