Connecticut Segment Championship

January 01 - March 11 2023
East Hampton, CT
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Distances: 5 strava segments
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

We all want to ride our bikes and could use a little friendly competition to beat the winter blues and maybe drop a few pounds (looking your way, Rob Stiles!).  We at STAGE 1 Cycling and AirLine Cycles have harnessed our collective brain power and stolen some good ideas from other smart people to bring you the Second Annual Connecticut Segment Championship of the Universe! How's it work? Simple...


1. Starting Jan. 2nd, 2022, we will announce a new Strava segment every other week over a 10 week period -- 5 segments total. All segments will be within the state of Connecticut. Segments will vary from week to week - each one will be either road, gravel, or single track/mountain bike. BE READY FOR ANYTHING!
Use whatever bike you want, as long as it's not motorized.


Segment 1: Jan. 2nd to Jan. 15th at 11:59 PM

Segment 2: Jan. 16th to Jan. 29th at 11:59 PM

Segment 3: Jan. 30th to Feb. 12th at 11:59 PM

Segment 4: Feb. 13th to Feb. 26th at 11:59 PM

Segment 5: Feb. 27th to Mar. 12 at 10:00 AM (with the podiums after party to follow!)

2. All competitors will have 2 weeks to ride the segment. Ride it as many times as you like.  We will count only your fastest time. Once the 14-day period finishes, that segment is closed!  No backsies! Please don't ask or we'll frown at you. 

3. We will award prizes to the winners of each segment in every category. The Top 3 overall winners will receive prizes as well at the end of the series. The Grand Champion (overall winner) in each category will take home 50% of the registrations we collect in their respective categories! We will likely throw some swag to other distinguished performances, and we may offer some special incentives along the way.   

We're keeping registration pretty cheap, just $19.95. That's about $4 per segment.
You can't afford not to do this event!  Anyone may participate - no license is required!

You must use Strava to participate - it's the only way we can track results for this type of event. A couple of weeks before the first segment begins, we will invite you to join a Strava club that will enable us to communicate directly with you and allow you all to monitor the competition. Important - Your Strava data *should* also include either heartrate, cadence, or power data. Any one of those three are fine. We're not hardover on this point, but it comes down to this: if we have to referee a dispute, we will rely on the available date, (i.e., HR/power/cadence to make our determination). If you only use the raw Strava data and nothing more, we won't be able to fully assess your dispute. Sorry, we just can't take your word for it. If you're a fast racer competing for a big prize, it's worth having the extra data. You can get a cadence sensor or heart rate strap pretty cheap and most can be linked via Bluetooth to a phone.

Amish IT guy helps to resolve PC problem (VIDEO) : Funny : BOOMSbeat

All riders are resposible for their GPS data integrity. We have no relationship with Strava and are strictly using their platform as an easy means of tracking our participants. Same goes for Garmin, Wahoo, etc. In the event you have a data issue, you should contact Strava or your device manufacturer directly. Strava often can assist to recover or repair data.  We are basically Luddites and will be of no real help to you on technical issues. Sorry! 

Prizes: We will award a prize to the winners in each category for each segment. We will also award prizes to the top 3 overall riders in each category at the end of the CSCU series.  The overall winners will walk away with a check for 50% of all regular registration fees (not including the BikeReg administrative fee). If we get 50 riders in a category, that's about a $510 prize. AirLine Cycles and our other great sponosrs have also kicked in swag.  We will also award prizes for other interesting distinctions, i.e., "Most Heart", "Middlest", "Baldest", "Largest Feet", "Thuglifer", and so forth...    

Proceeds: (If there are any) will help to support STAGE 1 Cycling's non-profit activities, including junior development, grassroots fun, trail maintenance and advocacy, and competive events. Just a note, in 2020 we took in about $1500 and paid out about $2000 in cash and prizes.  We're hoping to not take quite as big a beating this year, hence the moderate increase in reguistration this year.  Many thanks to all the riders who donated their winnings to CCAP and Stage 1 junior programs last year! In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, "You make me want to be a better man."

Things you should do:  Definitely register and convince others to join the fun. The more people register, the more exciting the competition and the bigger the prizes. You should scout each segment before taking your best crack at it.  Then, you should ride it a bunch more times to see if you can improve your time and because, well, riding is fun! Please do contact us if you detect a problem with the segment and we'll see what we can do to resolve it. Feel free to suggest any "must do" segments you think we ought to consider. Suggestions will be considered. In general, we're looking for variety, beauty, fun, safety, and uniqueness. We are avoiding high traffic (car/pedestrian/etc.) areas.      

Things you shouldn't do: Don't cheat! No e-bikes or motorcycles, no tandems, no hanging on to cars, or snorting pixie dust. Cro-Mags must use an SS specific bike - no zip ties! Don't cut corners or attempt to gain an unfair advantage. Drafting is a no-go on this one. Don't attempt to tinker with your data. Absolutely no modifications may be made to any of the segments -- you ride it as it lays. Be a straight shooter. Cheaters will be disqualified, publicly shamed, flogged, and possibly drawn and quatered (we're checking with the UCI on that last one but fingers crossed! :-) Do your best and remember, Krampus is watching you!   

Things you also shouldn't do:  Don't get sick. Don't crash or do anything silly, dangerous, or illegal. Don't sandbag an easier category: if you're super fast and fit, throw in with the Open ("Misfits") or Women's Open ("Runaways") so others have a shot. Be good ambassadors of the sport. Be kind to everyone you see. Buy lemonade from kids, donate to charities, frolic in meadows, and so forth. We will pick segments that avoid left turns, intersections, or stop lights. However, we can't control all conditions. Please inspect the segment before riding and make good choices. Pretend your Nana is watching you -- even if it's from the grave! If we get a report of knuckled-headed chicanery, the consequences will be swift, severe, and brutal - see above. And we may also report you to your Nana. 

Second Annual Connecticut Segment Championship of the Universe

Start Located At: East Hampton, CT
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