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Salty and Stupid Gravel Festival

October 04 - October 05 2024
Wendover Utah
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Distances: 25, 45, 100, 206, 310 miles
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

Welcome to the Second Annual Inaugural Salty & Stupid Gravel Festival!  This is the most unique series in Utah - no enormous climbs, no trees to speak of, just you and the yawning maw of the mostly sublimely alien and desolate landscapes in the lower 48, Utah's West Desert.  Just a few friendly volunteers and your bicycling machine stand between you and absolutely immanent doom.

Thanks to those awesome volunteers though, we can almost guarantee that we've got something for everyone and that everyone goes home with only a few rattlesnake bites.  We have three rides and like a half dozen distances so that pretty much everyone you know, from that guy next door who shaves his legs and always seems to be just coming back from a ride when you pull in the driveway to your child who won't stop moving and just needs about 25ish miles to run around to get the energy out; we have something for all of them. 

Salty and Stupid Gravel Festival

Start Located At: 352 Airport Way, Wendover, UT 84083
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