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The Day Across Minnesota

August 10 2024
Gary South Dakota
Date Confirmed
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Distances: 240 miles
Difficulty: Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles

<p> 240 miles of Minnesota gravel roads by bicycle in a single day. Midnight to midnight. Start in Gary, South Dakota and finish in Hager City, Wisconsin. Be a DAMn Champion.</p> <p> As we reflect on 2020, we want you all to know that we are thankful for you, our gravel family. Together we have traversed an unspeakable number of miles, taken wrong turns, crashed out, bled, pulled each other up and gutted it out&hellip;together. You&rsquo;ve got grit. With that, we are stoked to announce that The Day Across Minnesota will return for a 5th and final year on August 14th, 2021!</p> <p> Registration opens on Saturday, January 2nd at 8am CST at More info about the 2021 edition will be forthcoming. To those who deferred last year, we will be in touch. Mark your calendars and join us for what will undoubtedly be the most challenging, most rewarding, and most memorable DAMn ever. The Last DAMn!</p> <p> <img alt="The Day Across Minnesota" class="image" src="" title="The Day Across Minnesota" /></p>

Start Located At: Gary, South Dakota
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Aug 10 2024 - EVENT: The Day Across Minnesota
Aug 10 2024 - EVENT: The Day Across Minnesota