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Climbing Pikes Peak - The Col Collective

We've been captivated and intrigued by Pikes Peak ever since I saw legendary British, Manx TT racer Guy Martin thrash his motorbike up to its 14,115ft / 4,302m summit to win the International Pikes Peak Hill Climb a few years back.

The fact that his bike was coughing and spluttering due to the lack of oxygen meant that I knew it was going to be a challenge, and one that I hadn’t faced before at this kind of altitude.

Starting from the Pikes Peak Gateway you’re just a few metres lower in elevation than the Stelvio, and that’s even before you get going! Winding your way deeper into the Pike National Forest the spectacle of the mountain starts to unfold before your eyes. Crystal Reservoir gives a moment of respite before the road pitches up once more and you join the Hill Climb course, and the 156 bends that lie ahead from here to the summit. The gradient may only average 6.5% but that’s not what this climb is all about. The oxygen starved atmosphere makes the going much harder, pacing is crucial as is staying well fuelled and hydrated over its 19 miles (30.5km).

It’s a sensory overload from start to finish, definitely one of the best climbs in North America and, if the truth be known, I’d say it’s one of the best in the world.

We hope you enjoy the ride!


Length of climb

7800ft / 2377m

Start elevation

14115ft / 4302m

Summit elevation

6315ft / 1925m

Elevation gain


Gradient (avg)


Gradient (max)



Gran Fondo Guide - for those who want to have a go, you can enter the Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Climb Gran Fondo, on August 13th, Colorado Springs.