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VIDEO: 430 Riders Tackled 4th Annual Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo

Organized by the Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary Club as a non profit cycling event - a fun & friendly boutique Fondo in the Canadian  'Kootenay Rockies"

Most places can put on an “event” but the unique location and community spirit allowed for the event, in a “world class” setting with the full support of the hosting communities made for an unforgettable Bucket-List ride.

The paved Rails to Trails portion, with the bridge over the river, is to be experienced.

430 riders took part in this year's event with cyclists travelling from as far as Oxford, England and Texas to enjoy British Columbia's Kootenay Rockies.

The KOM amd QOM champions competition, sponsored by the Pedal & Tap Restaurant, featured the climb of Fort Steele Hill at the 132 km mark for the Gran Fondo and 82 km mark for the Medio Fondo. An 8% grade over 2 km.

KOM/QOM 49 & Under Results

Male:   Brad Pilling            Okotoks, Alberta           4m 04s

Female: Charlene Owen    Calgary, Alberta            5m 18s

KOM/QOM Masters 50+ Results

Male:  John Woodson          Austin, Texas              4m 24s

Female: Susie Stewart        Calgary, Alberta           4m 52s

The Heid Out Brew Pub Team Spirit Award

Klostapukin Lethbridge, Alberta

5th Anual Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo

Saturday, September 9th, 2017  Registration Opens January 1, 2017,

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VIDEO: 2016 Kooteny Rockies Gran Fondo

VIDEO: 430 riders tackle 4th Annual Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo