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Europe starts to introduce Closed Roads Cycling Days

France, Italy and Switzerland lead the way by introducing traffic free days to allow cyclists to enjoy riding iconic climbs and roads and dramatically boosting tourism dollars $$$ in the process

Cycling is is continuing to grow as a sport worldwide, the number of amatuer events worldwide is a testament to that growth, something Gran Fondo Guide knows only too well.

In Europe a growing number of region and local governments have realized the power of cycling tourism and the dollars that it brings for their local communities. 

So in ground a breaking move, they have provided fully closed to traffic free days to boost and promote tourism, improve cycling safety, promite health and well being.

Cyclists are flocking in their droves to ride on these special traffic free days, along with hundreds of other like minded cyclists.

Will the west including Canada, the UK and USA follow suit?

Imagine being to float up Box Hill in Surrey, UK with hundreds of cyclists or crest Mullholland Drive in California, USA or tackle Mc Bride Peak in British Columbia, Canada?

Cycle tourism is big business worldwide and savvy local governments and local communites are profiting from the influx of visitors. 


The Hautes-Alpes region is the clear leader with over 30 events, including legendary climbs like Izoard, Galibier, Granon, Allos allowing amateur cyclists to experience riding them with fully closed roads.


Wed 14th: Col d’Izoard – 11h à 14h
Sun 25th: Montée du Pré de Madame Carle – 9h à 12h
Wed 28th: Col du Granon – 8h à 10h
Thu 29th: Col du Galibier – 8h à 11h
Fri 30th: Col d’Izoard – 8h à 10h


Mon 10th: Col de Vars – 9h à 12h
Tue 11th: Montée de Puy St Vincent – 9h à 12h
Wed 12th: Montée de Risoul – 9h à 12h
Mon 17th: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Mon 17th: Col d’Allos – 8h à 11h
Mon 24th: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Mon 24th: Col d’Allos – 8h à 11h
Wed 26th: Col du Granon – 8h à 10h
Thu 27th: Col du Galibier – 8h à 11h
Fri 28th: Col d’Izoard – 8h à 10h
Mon 31st: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Mon 31st: Col d’Allos – 8h à 11h


Mon 7th: Col de Pommerol – 9h à 12h
Mon 7th: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Mon 7th: Col d’Allos – 8h à 11h
Tue 8th: Montée de Chabre – 9h à 12h
Wed 9th: Col du Noyer – 9h à 12h
Thu 10th: Col des Guérins – 9h à 12h
Fri 11th: Montée de Céuze – 9h à 12h
Mon 14th: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Wed 16th: Montée de Risoul – 9h à 12h
Mon 21st: Col de Vars – 9h à 12h
Mon 21st: Montée de Lure – 8h à 12h
Wed 23rd: Montée des Orres de 9h30 à 11h
Wed 30th: Col du Granon – 8h à 10h
Thu 31st: Col du Galibier – 8h à 11h


Fri 1st: Col d’Izoard – 8h à 10h

Oisans Col Series

Every Tuesday morning, from June 27th until August 22nd, the Oisans region – the home of Alpe d’Huez – will close a climb for a bike-only event. 

June 27th: Col du Sabot 9-12
July 4th: Auris en Oisans 9-11
July 11th: Col d’Ornon 9-11
July 18th: Col de Sarenne 9-12
July 25th: Villard-Reculas 9-11
Aug 1st: Col du Glandon / Croix de Fer 9-12
Aug 8th: Alpe d’Huez 9-11
Aug 22nd: Col de Sarenne 9-12

Jura Mountains

Col du Grand Colombier will feature in the Tour de France in 2017. The first Saturday of the month from June to September the road is closed to cars for a bike day. Note, in past years they have climbed the Culoz side. But due to a landslide closing this side, the even will climb from Artemare. Due to a landslide on the Culoz side of Grand Colombier, the bike-only days with climb the Artemare side still starting in nearby Culoz. The “Lacets du Colombier” – above the landslide – are currently closed.


Col de l’Iseran will close the top parts of both sides on June 25th. Details here

Col de Vars



Monte Grappa Bike Day – June 3rd.
Monte Grappa Bike Night – July 22nd
Details for both events here

Sella Ronda Bike Day – June 25th. The beautiful 55 km Sella Ronda Route climbs four passes: Pordoi, Gardena, Sella, and Campolongo. Details here.

Stelvio Bike Day – September 2nd - details here

Mendelpass – September 27th - details here

Monte Grappa Bike Day



Moosalpe – August 27th - details here
Albulapass – September 3rd - details here