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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> Santa Fe Fondo Founder Seriously injured in bike crash

Santa Fe Fondo Founder Seriously injured in bike crash

29-year-old American's condition improving after collision with a vehicle

Canadian UCI continental team SAS-Macogep pro rider Irena Ossola was seriously injured after colliding with a car in Santa Fe, New Mexico while training last week.

According to a police report, 29-old Ossola was riding her bike downhill last week when she collided with a car turning in front of her.

Ossola was airlifted to University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque for a compound fracture to her right hand, a broken right arm, two breaks in her right leg, a left eye orbital fracture and brain swelling.

The car driver told officers “the sun was blinding him and he didn’t see the bicyclist.” He said he heard a loud bang as he was turning.

Ossola was in Santa Fe to begin her off-season training and organize a local free gran fondo—SantaFondo. She puts on the SantaFondo each year as a way to bring the local riders together for a fun ride with free beer afterwards. The local cycling community has stepped up to see the gran fondo went off as planned on Nov. 18 from the Santa Fe Brewing Company headquarters.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Ossola’s extensive medical and rehabilitation expenses.

Ossola finished on the podium in third place at the USA Professional criterium championships. She closed her season in September finishing third at the Cycligent Virtual Racing World Cup in Paris.

Santa Fe Fondo Founder Seriously injured in bike crash

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