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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Jens Voigt heads up Digital WorldBike for the Bicycle Industry During Coronavirus

Jens Voigt heads up Digital WorldBike for the Bicycle Industry During Coronavirus

Cycling goes Digital: Virtual Bicycle Conference keeps industry connection on March 31st

Jens Voigt heads up Digital WorldBike for the Bicycle Industry During Coronavirus

Berlin, Germany, 20 March, 2020 –  Digital conference expert meetyoo steps in to assist the cycling industry at a critical time, launching cycling’s first-ever digital conference 2020 Digital WorldBike. The bicycle industry’s first ever digital cycling conference, to be held March 31st, will be instrumental in bringing together the industry during this critical moment. 

The event, co-hosted by cycling legend Jens Voigt, enables cycling fans and industry members from all over the world to connect through meetyoo’s advanced digital platform free of charge.

The meetyoo platform offers a complete virtual conference set up, including auditoriums to replace large scale conferences and summits faced with cancellations over these next months due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

“I am thrilled to join the Digital WorldBike event and share our company’s vision, as well as speak about industry trends. With the situation in the world today, cycling has a way through Digital WorldBike to keep the industry together. The bicycle industry has just started to embrace the digital platform and I believe this is the future for launching services and brands in cycling, sharing industry information and enhancing discussions.” — Dirk Friel, Co-founder, TrainingPeaks.

The event features multiple influencers and industry leaders from the sectors: Urban Mobility,  Cycling Technology and Sport, who will discuss industry trends, solutions and the future of cycling. The speaker lineup for the March 31st event includes leadership from both urban and sport sectors.

Digital WorldBike includes exhibition halls for product and brand showcases, live chats, roundtable discussions and guest speakers. During the event, participants will be able to experience presentations and speeches in three different auditoriums. Discussions will include the latest products and technologies, different bike cultures and bikeable cities, the impact of safety and weather conditions. Attendees will be able to watch exhibitors present their brand new products, as well as ask questions.

With the rise of apps and virtual cycling communities, along with the global crisis of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), bicycle riding and the sport of cycling are moving beyond urban landscapes and into a digital age. Digital WorldBike offers a connection point for people to present concepts, foster discussion and share knowledge across a global platform.

“Digital WorldBike allows me to combine the meetyoo vision - which is to empower global communities to connect in the most convenient and sustainable way - with my greatest hobby, cycling. I am excited to have Jens Voigt on board with me to create this new possibility to bring together the global cycling community and raise awareness for cycling safety.”  – Tony Kula, CEO, meetyoo.

2020 Digital WorldBike Speaker LineUp

  Jens Voigt    |   Host & Co-Founder Digital WorldBike

  Dirk Friel    |   Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of TrainingPeaks 

  Aleksander Buczynski    |    Policy Officer in European Cyclists' Federation

  Kevin Mayne   |    Chief Executive of Cycling Industries Europe (CIE)

  Marco te Brömmelstroet   |    Director of Urban Cycling Institute, University of Amsterdam

  Klaus Bondam   |    CEO, Danish Cyclists' Federation

  Mark Voysey   |    CEO & Yellow Jersey, Roula

  Raluca Fiser    |    President at Green Revolution Association (environmental NGO),   Vice President – board member of the European Cyclists Federation

  Dan Cavallari   |   Technical Editor, VeloNews

  Jonas Deichmann  |  Adventurer & Motivational Speaker, Jonas Deichmann Adventures GmbH

  Meike Jipp    |    Head of the HumanFactors Department at the Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

  Ran Margaliot    |    Founder & Director, Gino Bartali School

  Emmanuel John    |    Transport Growth Initiative in Nigeria (City of Abuja)

  Eyal Santo  |   Advisor and director of pilot projects and innovation in bicycle and micro mobility, City of Tel Aviv DOT

  Sven Kindervater    |    Marketing and strategy, citkar GmbH

  Ceri Woolsgrove   |    European Cyclists Federation (Brussels, Belgium)

Full schedule:

Digital WorldBike creates a smooth and effective experience for its participants, sparing them inconveniences of travel, physical contact, marketing costs and preparations, time zone differences or entrance fees. Headlining the event is Jens Voigt, former world-class professional cyclist and current bicycle advocate. Voigt joins Digital WorldBike as one of the event founders, bringing charismatic cycling inspiration, along with a vocal vision for bicycle safety.

“I am excited to host the first digital event embracing cycling and safety. Be there when cycling enthusiasts, experts and brands share their passion and browse through the virtual fair with me.” – Jens Voigt

To register to attend the event, visit the following link: Admission is free of charge. Being a cycling-focused event, guests can also join using their Strava accounts. 

For inquiries related to the exhibition or speaking engagements contact:  Ronja Clormann, meetyoo conferencing GmbH,, Phone: +49 621 586796-76

Cycling goes Digital: Virtual Bicycle Conference keeps industry connection on March 31st