Owen Shott and Erica Allar take top prizes at Georgia Gran Fondo

Hundreds of riders enjoyed the scenic and challenging roads of the North Georgia Mountains

Starts and finishing in downtown Helen under the shadow of the mountains made famous by the Tour de Georgia, each rider was provided an electronic timing-chip to keep track of their progress and to allow riders to compete for best time through highlighted sections of the course. 

The course include the climbs of the well known Unicoi Gap, and Hogpen Gap and riders chose from the 25 mile Piccolo, 60 mile Medio and full 100 mile Gran Fondo routes available.

Owen Shott and Erica Allar take top prizes at Georgia Gran Fondo

Women's overall winner Eria Allar, riding with her Peidmont College cycling team, used the Georgia Gran Fondo as part of her training block prior to the Women’s Tour of California starting May 11th, with Pro women’s cycling team Rally Cycling.

Men's overall winner Owen Scott from Jacksonville Florida put in an impressive performance.

Team Award

1st. PIEDMONT COLLEGE - Combined Time: 03:17:04.78
3rd FRAZIER CYCLING - Combined Time: 03:49:36.00
Piccolo Fondo Results - Female

W19-34 1st Brittany Webb
W35-44 1st Laura Ellis
W45-54 1st Jennifer Pendergast, 2nd Helen van Musschenbroek, 3rd Ali Myles
W55-64 1st Robin Towle, 2nd Andrea Dagostino

Piccolo Fondo Results - Male

M14-18 1st Gabriel van Musschenbroek
M19-34 1st Kyle Kugler
M35-44 1st Scott Groan, 2nd Mike Devincentis, 3rd Xavier Kelly
M45-54 1st Dale Ellis, 2nd Jose Gonzalez, 3rd Teodoro Gomez
M55-64 1st Jeffrey Towle, 2nd Michel van Musschenbroek, 3rd Pierre Beaulieu
M65+ 1st Steve Warren, 2nd John Mulholland
Medio Fondo Results - Female
W19-34 1st Jane Sencenbaugh, 2nd Laura Bernal
W35-44 1st Cynthia Searcy, 2nd  Jennifer Senos, 3rd Jodi Vanden 
W45-54 1st Paula Boyle, 2nd Sarah Oh
W55-64 1st Paula Stone, 2nd Kathy Mathis
Medio Fondo Results - Male
M19-34 1st Carlos Gomez, 2nd Daniel Mahler
M35-44 1st Drew Genteman, 2ndPedro Vazquez, 3rd Nathanael 
M45-54 1st David Clark, 2nd Bill Nicholson, 3rd Erik Gonzalez
M555-64 1st Gerard Rittenberg, 2nd John Dagostino, 3rd Marshall Dent
M65+ 1st Dale Kubacki, 2nd Jim Pavek
Gran Fondo Results - Female
W14-18 1st Megan Heath
W19-34 1st Erica Allar
W35-44 1st Tracie Fernandez, 2nd Nicola Westgate
W45-54 1st Risa Engel
W55-64 1st Sue Neurath, 2nd Carolyn Altman, 3rd Aimee Moles
Hundreds of riders enjoyed the scenic and challenging roads of the North Georgia Mountains
Gran Fondo Results - Male
M14-18 1 David Heath, 2 Seth Callahan, 3 Paul Challman
M19-34 1 Michael Sencecenbaugh, 2 Dylan Cantrell, 3 Conley "slim" Wilhelm
M35-44 1 Owen Shott, 2 Mike Root 3 Oliver Quinn
M45-54 1 Brendan Sullivan, 2 Igor Rudalev, 3 Daryle Glaser
M55-64 1 Jay Trojan, 2 Steve Giorgis, 3 Erik Gruenwedel
M65+ 1 Tom Lex, 2 Geary Schwartz, 3 Carl Amaral
Hundreds of riders enjoyed the scenic and challenging roads of the North Georgia Mountains
Overall Piccolo Fondo

1 Scott Groan, 2 Jeffrey Towle, 3 Mike Devincentis
Overall Medio Fondo

1 David Clark, 2 Bill Nicholson, 3 Drew Genteman
Gran Fondo Overall
1 Owen Shott, 2 Michael Sencecenbaugh, 3 David Heath

Link to full results: my6.raceresult.com/73220/results?lang=en#1_340594

Hundreds of riders enjoyed the scenic and challenging roads of the North Georgia Mountains

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