Team Melody Farm Reigns Supreme at the Gran Fondo Asheville

Professional golfer Camilo Villegas finishes 2nd overall and Pro cyclist Laura Jorgenson wins the women’s category

Congratulations to the podium finishers at the weekend at this year’s SOLD OUT Gran Fondo Asheville in North Carolina.

Over 500 cyclists took part despite a quick rainstorm that made the event a smidge more difficult than expected, so kudos to everybody that was able to finish!

Pro Golfer Camilo Villegas won his age group and finished 2nd overall and his team Melody Farms along with team members Antonio Donado, William Gil And Dario Gallizugaro. It was team mate Antonio Donado who was fastest overall in the 100 mile Gran Fondo.

Team Melody Farm Reigns Supreme at the Gran Fondo Asheville

Team Melody Farms posted the fastest combined time ahead of Organic Valley, Velosports Racing, Aiken Bicycle Club and Without Limits which made for an animated day’s riding in the teams classification.

Antonio Donado who was fastest overall in the 100 mile Gran Fondo

In the 60 mile Medio Fondo it was Austin Walker from Asheville who was the fastest overall, and for the women it was Kara Bonneau from Cary, NC who was the fastest for the women.

In the 30 mile Piccolo Fondo it was Dean Yobbi from Black Mountain NC who was the fastest overall and Lauren Detoro the fastest in the women’s category.

Pro cyclist Laura Jorgenson won the women’s category. She recently rode the USA Cycling Criterium Nationals and rode the Joe Martin Stage race earlier this year with RTO National Women's Cycling. She was closely followed by Courteney Lowe and Jenny Leiser.

Pro cyclist Laura Jorgenson won the overall womens category

Click here for a full list of the results and winners across all the distance and age categories for men and women

Gran Fondo means Big Fun at the Giordana Gran Fondo National Championship Series

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