2018 U.S. Gran Fondo National Series, supported by Haute Route

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Gran Fondo Goldendale

April 15 2018
Goldendale, Washington, USA

Gran Fondo Goldendale is 90 miles of non stop epic views and rolling terrain on the edge of arid central wa and the mountains. This ride will add up to 6200′ of climbing and just enough gravel to keep your drive train gritty.

KOM Challenge: There will be two King Of the Mountain challenges: Pine Forest Rd Climb, and Horseshoe Bend. To be eligible you must upload your ride to Strava within 24 hrs of the ride. This is just for fun; remember, this is not a race and you stand nothing to gain by winning the KOM. Other than the undying respect and adoration of your peers.

What you get: You will receive a super cool limited Gran Fondo Goldendale thermal cycling cap, a well thought out, and well marked course that will knock your socks off, a well stocked aid station to refuel at mid ride, and a hot meal to refuel post ride. We will also post the times of all finishers for bragging rights.

Route: The course is just shy of 90 miles with 6300′ of climbing. You will be on approx 25 miles worth of gravel.  Not as much as in GF Ephrata, but not as nice of gravel as Ephrata either.  Think bigger rock and rougher, most notably on Eshelman Rd and Rattlesnake Rd.  Dalles Mtn Rd and Horseshoe Rd both roll reasonably well.  There will be one well stocked aid station at approx the half way point, with two mini aid stations in between.

Gear: With so many variable course conditions it is hard to say what’s right or wrong. Road, cross, or mtb, any one will work, but all will have a disadvantage at some point. Personally I would run my Trek Cronus CX with a tubeless 700×28 Hutchinson Sector.  Not the perfect setup for 100% of the course, but a good middle ground.  There will be lots of climbing so plan accordingly. There will be a couple aid stations and maybe a sag wagon or two, but it’s a good idea to be somewhat self sufficient. Weather is always something to consider this time of year. I would love to say it’s going to be sunny and 65 degrees, but it could just as easily be windy or rainy or both. Bring on the adventure baby!

Bottom Line:  Goldendale may just be the perfect middle ground at 90 miles, 6300′, 25 gravel, bridging the gap between Ephrata and Leavenworth.  This is a beautiful ride on rolling terrain, just on the edge of dry land wheat and big mountains, but not too much of either.

Gran Fondo Goldendale

Routes: 90 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: E - Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
Entry Limit: 200 riders
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Strava KOM
Strava QOM
Start Address: Goldendale High School, Goldendale WA
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