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Over 500 riders complete one of the hardest Gran Fondo's, the San Gottardo

The Granfondo San Gottardo is in Switzerland with a distinctly Italian feel. There are few places in the world where you can pass road signs in Italian and German during the same race and climb cols that are named in all the languages of cycling.

At the crossroads of Valais and Ticino, two of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions, the Granfondo San Gottardo is an epic cycling sportive taking on the mighty Col du St. Gothard, Col de la Furka and  Col de la Nufenen. 

The winner Christoph Fuhrbach from Germany won the 4th Granfondo SanGottardo. He was also the fastest on each pass - incredible!

He rode to Ambrì and rode home - by bike! 

Are you satisfied about your race? Which are your sensations?

I’m really satisfied because it was a good race and I felt good on first, second and third pass. I like very much this race because I don’t like going downhill very fast, it’s dangerous and accidents happen. But I like very much going uphill, so this race it’s perfect for me. Two years ago I came here and I liked also that race.

Which is the hardest part of the Granfondo?

Maybe today it was the Gotthard, cause of the wind coming frontally. But the hardest pass I think it’s the Nufenen pass cause it’s the longest one.

Did you expect win the race? Was your target?

It wasn’t an objective originally, but when I came here I knew that I was feeling good and I thinked maybe I could be one of the first.

Will you be here next year?

It’s a long time until this date, but I like this race very very much so hope to return.

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