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Special Offer for the last 50 places in the Vermont Challenge

The Vermont Challenge only have 50 slots remaining for this year's tour of Vermont's picturesque farm valleys and the majestic Green Mountains

The Vermont Challenge offers you 4 glorious days of riding through picturesque countrysides, covered bridges, river valleys, mountain passes and historic villages of southern and central Vermont for 1/4 of the price of  packaged tours!

Come ride the Vermont Challenge 8/11-14 for $50 off any registration level.

This offer excludes the tour jersey as they've run out. To register for this offer use coupon code: VTCnojersey2016.

Registration will close on 8/10 for 4-day tour, and the 2-day valley tour.  The 2-day Mountain and Gran Fondo closes on 8/13.

Choose any tour and save $50 using VTCnojersey2016 coupon code:  All 4-days, 2-day Valley, 2-day Mountain or just Gran Fondo Saturday.

If you're still interested in receiving a jersey then you can register as normal and Jersey will be mailed to you 6 weeks after tour. 

On offer 3 ride distances each day for all abilities, so you can either race through the courses or linger and take in all the beautiful scenery.

Come join riders passionate about cycling from 25 states including Texas, California, Utah plus Puerto Rico & Canada and see why they've chosen to ride the Vermont Challenge year after year.

Lodging is extra, with negotiated great rates for you:

Manchester and Stratton offer numerous lodging choices depending on your needs and desires, but here's our recommendation:

3 & 4-day riders - 8/10-14: For 4 & 3-day riders is that you stay in Manchester from 8/10-11.  The new Taconic hotel, the host hotel for our kick-off dinner on Wednesday 8/10, is offering 40% off their rates for us and there's also Palmer Hotel that offering great rates as well. 

1 & 2-day riders - 8/13-14: Stratton's Black Bear Lodge, our recommended Lodge offering negotiated rates for the Challenge.  You can also choose a Condo at Stratton if you're a large group. 

This split approach allows you to ride to the starts on your bike each day. 

There are many other lodging choices from budget to luxury for you to choose.   

Go to:

Serving Southern & Central Vermont's communities

$30 of your registration fee goes towards 4 food banks, Grace Cottage Hospital and Stratton Urgent Care.  You have the option of contributing more.  

Register Now and Save!

To register for this offer use coupon code: VTCnojersey2016.

To register now, please go to :

For full information, please visit:

The Vermont Challenge as featured on the cover of Stratton Magazine's 2106 summer edition

Special Offer for the last 50 places in the Vermont Challenge

VIDEO: The Vermont Challenge