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U.S. Racing Team CCB Velotooler moves to a UCI Continental Team

CCB Velotooler, the 2017 UCI Continental road cycling team registered in the USA that operates as a part of the larger CCB International Cycling Club, has released its initial roster and sponsors

Boston, MA, November 15th 2016 -  The team uses a unique new business model, as it operates as part of the CCB Cycling Education Foundation 501(c)(3) non-profit, with widely diversified sources of income with the aim of increasing the financial stability of the program through these income sources, as well as the support of the long-standing CCB International Cycling Club.  The announcement of the CCB project has been met with a very positive response from the cycling industry, and the team will enjoy great support from a number of industry sponsors.

The team’s main focus is to support developing U23 riders from the United States who are also pursuing a post-secondary education (college, university, trade school, professional certification, etc…).  The post-secondary education component is a requirement for all U23 riders in the program.  The team will structure its race schedule around the academic commitments of the riders, with the majority of the “target races” taking place between May 1 and August 31.

CCB Velotooler’s race schedule will focus primarily on one-day racing, with 5-6 stage races on the schedule as well.  The level of racing will be varied, giving the riders the opportunity to experience and learn in professional races, as well as support the local New England racing community through which the majority of the riders developed. 

Races will range from the UCI 1.2 and 2.1 level to national/regional USA Cycling sanctioned races.

In its first year at the UCI Continental level for the 2017 season, the CCB Velotooler UCI Continental roster will have eight U23 ridersand two U25 riders.  Three additional U23 riders will be part of the program as trainees at the club development level, grooming them for the 2018 season.  Several experienced elite riders will also join the Continental roster to act in the role of “road captain” to mentor the U23 riders from within the races.

2017 CCB Velotooler UCI Continental Roster

Ansel Dickey (Woodstock, VT; US)
Cameron Beard (Bend, OR; USA)
Spencer Petrov (Mason, OH; USA)
Cooper Willsey (Hinesburg, VT; USA)
Noah Granigan (Cape May Courthouse, NJ; USA)
Jonah Mead-VanCort (Ithica, NY; USA)
Patrick Collins (Shrewsbury, MA; USA)
Nate Morse (Cohassett, MA; USA)
Cory Small (Boxborough, MA; USA)
John Harris (Ledyard, CT)
Jake Sitler (Wrightsville, PA)
Antti Sizko (Soderkulla, Finland)

Development riders:

Josh Anderson (Topsfield, MA; USA)
Ian Clarke (Killington, VT; USA)
Wyatt Goral (Andover, NJ; USA)

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Velotooler sponsoring new non-profit cycling team, CCB International

Velotooler — a new online platform that will connect freelance bike mechanics with cyclists who need service — is the first title sponsor for the CCB Velotooler Continental Team, a developmental road team that has UCI Continental registration for the 2017 season. The team's main focus is to support developing U23 riders from the United States who are also pursuing a post-secondary education. The team is operated by the CCB Cycling Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Velotooler has registered nearly 200 mechanics and is going live in Connecticut and Massachusetts this month and throughout the rest of the country in December. The app is being developed by web developer Yahor Buben and Rhode Island retailer Amos Brumble, who are each long time members of Massachusetts-based CCB bike club.

"Supporting the next generation of riders is important since we have gotten so much from cycling. We want those riders to have those experiences that come from high level competitive cycling and the bonds you form, while also continuing their higher education," Brumble said.

Since Velotooler was first announced at Interbike this fall, the developers have come up with a system to ensure that mechanics are covered by liability insurance, Brumble said. Currently the platform is web-based; mobile apps for iOS and Android will be launched soon.

Brumble said the CCB team will use the platform to track their bicycles and hire mechanics for events and races as needed.

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U.S. Racing Team CCB Velotooler moves to a UCI Continental Team