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New Dirty Kanza Registration Process Opens this Friday

You may have seen the news that the Dirty Kanza event registration process will change significantly for 2018

Jim Cummins, Executive Director of Dirty Kanza Promotions has stated  "The essence of the new process can be summed up by this. What you had to do in 16 seconds for 2017, you now have 16 days for 2018. That’s right, folks… 16 days.  Beginning on Friday, December 1st and running all the way through December 16th, you may, at your leisure, submit your name for participation in our 2018 event.  Not near a computer at 8:00 AM on December 1st?  No problem. Ice storm have your internet down? No problem. You have a full sixteen days to submit your registration information."

"Then, on January 13, 2018, we will conduct a random selection process from all of the names submitted for consideration in December.  This will be followed by an email going out to everyone… congratulating them for receiving a 2018 entry… or thanking them and wishing them better luck in 2019."

"We think this new process is a good thing.  Gone is the frantic rush of typing your registration information as quickly as possible… and hoping your internet connection is faster than the next guy's.  Everyone is treated fairly, and everyone has an equal chance of getting in the event."

"We are excited about this change, and we are confident it will provide a more enjoyable registration experience for all of you.  You can rest assured we will closely monitor this new registration method, as part of our practice of continual process improvement.  In addition, we welcome your positive and constructive comments on how we can better serve you.  That is how we improve… and that’s how we can be better equipped to deliver on our Mission Statement… to provide each of you with a life-enriching cycling experience."

"Thank you for your support, and good luck with your 2018 Dirty Kanza registration.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Emporia next spring."

Selection and Payment of Entry Fees:

Winning entries will be selected on or about January 13, 2018. Subject to event eligibility requirements, the individuals whose names are drawn will be awarded entry in the 2018 Dirty Kanza. These selected event participants will be notified by email, per the contact information they provide.  Each participant’s credit card will be charged the event registration fee, a small processing fee, as well as any additional fees for add-on items chosen by the participant.

Group Registration Option:

A group registration option will be available for those families, friends, and other small groups (up to 4 individuals) who ONLY want to participate if they can do so together.  All group members must submit their name for lottery consideration using the same Group Name. If the Group Name is selected, each member of the group will be accepted to participate and charged the appropriate fees.  Individual group members are not required to participate in the same event distance.

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About Dirty Kanza:

Organized by Dirty Kanza Promotions, the Dirty Kanza is recognized throughout the cycling industry as the World’s Premier Endurance Gravel Road Cycling Challenge. Cyclists from all across North America, Western Europe, and beyond converge on Emporia, Kansas each year to test their mettle on the remote and rugged roads of the Flint Hills region of east-central Kansas.The only remaining expanse of natural tallgrass prairie in North America, the Flint Hills has been called “the easternmost part of the great far west".

Find out more about Dirty Kanza Promotions here.

Dirty Kanza Announces New Event Registration Process for 2018