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Takelma Gravel Grinder coming up on June 25th in Canyonville, OR!

After a knock out soggy Oregon Gran Fondo, the Triple Crown Series moves onto the Takelma Gravel Grinder in two weeks time. Limited places left, so hurry

The ride begins inside the casino

Ballistic climbing waits for all who dare to be Takelma Tough on the steep slopes of Canyonville, Oregon!

Seven Feathers Casino Resort, nestled among tall Douglas firs and pine trees, just off Interstate 5, at exit 99, in Canyonville, Oregon, is where the Takelma Gravel Grinder starts. Riders can choose between the 30-mile Decaf and the 57-mile Bold ride with 55% gravel.
The ride begins inside the casino (first time ever), before rolling towards the town of Canyonville and onto rural, Tiller Trail Hwy. Passing farm and ranch landscapes along the South Umpqua River, soon we’re on to the gravel experience with our first climb of the ride. A challenging KOM climbing effort with an average gain of 9%, then cresting to a spectacular valley-view of Days Creek.
The 15-mile point will be the turn-around for our Decaf riders, as the Bold riders continue on, to Chief Miwaleta Park, where refreshments await, before returning to Seven Feathers Casino Resort. During the ride, aid stations with electrolyte drinks and other items will be provided. Bike support is offered on the course, as well as SAG vehicles.
Upon completion, riders can wash off and relax at the Bites, Blues & Brews Festival enjoying food and beverage from the Seven Feathers Food Truck, compliments of the race organizers.
Dry lot camping is also available north of Seven Feathers Casino Resort.
The fastest Woman on the bold route is currently Maeghan Easler, 3:09:28 and the fastest Man currently Denny Rowe III, 2:41:52.

The fastest Woman on the Decaf Route is currently Natasha Visnack, 1:08:16 and  the fastest Man – Mike Bouska, 1:05:53.

VIDEO: Takelma Gravel Grinder

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