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Michelob Ultra GFNY World Championship NYC

The 12th annual Michelob Ultra GFNY World Championship NYC on May 19 starts just a few minutes after Gran Premio New York City and runs on the same course.


The Italian podium sweep of 2023 is unlikely to be repeated this year. 2024 may well be Argentina’s Cecilia Caillabet’s year after winning all three GFNY Colonia races. Fellow Latin Americans Mariana Rojas (Peru) who won GFNY Cusco and Diana Cano (Ecuador) who won GFNY Manta will be there to challenge her.

Dutch racer Emma Drabbe is on the heels of scoring a huge win at the Michelob Ultra GFNY North America Championship in Miami. If she brings her climbing legs – watch out!

Puerto Rican Erialis Otero not only won her local GFNY race but is also the 2022 and 2023 GFNY Republica Dominicana champion. Can she translate Carribean prowess into big city racing?


Traditionally strong in this race are the Latin Americans. Representing Colombia and favorites for the crown are 2023 third-place finisher Jonathan Jimenez and fourth-place Diego Vazquez. GFNY South America champion Matteo Grazon (Ecuador), GFNY Zapopan winner Alejandro Madueño (Mexico), and GFNY Bento winner Cristian Lazzari (Brazil) are adding more Latin firepower to the peloton.

2017 champ and 2019 second place Ricardo Pichetta (Officine Mattio, Italy), should never be counted out based on his experience alone.

USA’s trump card is former pro Ben Wolfe. The punchy course suits the time trial beast and he’s keen to better his 18th place from last year where he battled it out at the front through the Rockland hills. GFNY Kota Kinabalu winner Steve Marshall (USA) is a wild card. Local racer and GFNY Ann Arbor champ Ben Gorodetsky (USA) is young but very experienced in this race. If he’s patient, a podium is in the cards.

And like every year, GFNY is full of surprises and will bring new stars to the light.

Race Day Live Coverage

A live broadcast will showcase the world premiere of the first pro and mass participation race held on the same day and course, just minutes apart. A professional crew is working to deliver a high-level race day broadcast starting at 6am ET which will be hosted on Gran Fondo Guide with live coverage.

Four motos and two fixed cameras will be running to capture both races and bring the action to fans around the world. Two expert presenters each will serve the English and Spanish-speaking audiences.

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