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2023 L’Étape by Tour de France Series Revealed

L'Etape by Tour de France is a series of amateur cycling events designed to experience the Tour de France Legend. It is the only event where you can race and feel like a Tour de France champion, and where you can enjoy the Tour de France unique atmosphere and passion

L’Étape by Tour de France

The L’Étape du Tour by Tour de France is a series of 26 events in 21 countries with well over 50,000 participants.

There are flat, hilly and mountain stages and family rides for all abilities.

Participants benefit from closed roads and stages designed by Tour de France experts, High level of safety and assistance, Timing system and overall classifications, and official podium ceremony with Tour de France jerseys.

By registering for one of the events, you will be given access to an exclusive registration timeframe to secure your spot for L'Etape du Tour, the most famous sportive in the world, gathering 16,000 cyclists every in year and sells out instantly.

The championship allows you to automatically qualify you to L'Etape du Tour. You will start in Wave 0 with the most competitive riders, you won't have to pay for your race number and you will have access to a unique L'Etape Championship Qualifier treat on the race village. Only the top three male and female by gun time will be eligible to enter the Championship program.

Only the longest distance of your L'Etape by Tour de France event is eligible for qualification to the Championship program. Following the podium ceremony, you will be contacted by the race organizer to whom you will confirm your participation in the program.

Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Sep 24 L'Étape Campos do Jordão Campos do Jordão Brazil 60, 104 km C GRANFONDO
Oct 01 L'Etape Portugal Viana do Castelo Spain 50, 100, 140Km C GRANFONDO
Oct 01 L’Etape Madrid Madrid, Portugal 153 km C GRANFONDO
Oct 08 L’Étape New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana 10, 25, 50, 75 miles C GRANFONDO
Oct 21 - Oct 22 L'Etape Granada Granada, Spain 120, 170Km C GRANFONDO
Oct 22 L'Étape Querétaro Tequisquiapan Mexico 40, 70, 120 km B GRANFONDO
Nov 12 L'Étape Cyprus Kouklia, Cyprus 62, 136 km C GRANFONDO
Dec 03 L'Étape Thailand Phitsanulok, Thailand 66, 166km C GRANFONDO
Mar 23 L'Etape Acapulco Acapulco, Mexico 75, 140km C GRANFONDO
Mar 30 L’Étape Greece Olympia, Greece 35, 75, 150 km C GRANFONDO
Apr 07 L’Étape Cunha Cunha, Brazil 112km D GRANFONDO
Apr 14 L'Étape San Antonio San Antonio, Texas 25, 60, 100 miles B GRANFONDO
May 05 L’Étape Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV, USA 10, 25, 45, 75 miles C GRANFONDO
May 19 L'Etape Switzerland Bern, Switzerland 63, 137 km C GRANFONDO
May 26 L’Etape Indonesia Bali, Indonesia 50, 160 km B GRANFONDO
Jun 08 L'Etape Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic 90, 120 km E GRANFONDO
Jun 22 L'Etape Denmark Flensburg, Germany 50, 75, 125, 160, 300km D GRANFONDO
Jun 23 L’Étape Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 46, 102 km B GRANFONDO
Jun 23 L'Étape Cancún Cancún, Mexico 40, 75, 160 km D GRANFONDO
Jul 06 L'Étape Johor Johor, Malaysia 60, 140 km C GRANFONDO
Jul 07 2023 L'Etape Du Tour Annemasse France 152 km E GRANFONDO
Jul 28 L'Étape Bulgaria Velingrad Bulgaria 57, 102 km C GRANFONDO
Aug 11 L’Étape Canada Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada 40, 80, 140 km C GRANFONDO
Aug 18 L’Etape Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia 65, 117 km C GRANFONDO
Aug 25 L'Étape Romania Bucharest, Romania 14, 42, 85 km B GRANFONDO
Sep 01 L'Etape Slovenia Kranj, Slovenia 70, 120 km C GRANFONDO
Sep 08 L´Etape Puelba Puebla, Mexico 60, 120km B GRANFONDO

Among these Tour de France official cycling events is of course L'Étape du Tour. With a peloton of 16,000 riders and 50 nationalities, it is Europe's biggest cycling event. Riding on the same routes and under the same conditions as Tour de France champions: this is the promise that L'Étape du Tour has kept since 1993.

From the idea of Henri Desgrange in 1903 to events all around the world, discover the story of L'Etape by Tour de France.