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2015 Gran Fondo National Championship Series


In 2012 the GFNCS introduced their first event, the Gran Fondo National Championship, which was a one day national championship title event for gran fondo racing.

The Gran Fondo National Championship Series was then introduced in 2013 and was comprised of six events in the inaugural season. 

In 2014 they added a seventh event, Gran Fondo Asheville, to the series.

The annual series title is awarded to those riders who post the best three finishes in the event series. GFNCS views gran fondos as races. We offer what is arguably the hardest bicycle road racing series in the USA. This seven-event national series, comprised of races held throughout the nation (see schedule below) allows riders to compete for a national ranking.

Their focus is on promoting health and wellness by providing a competitive cycling outlet in which riders of all skill levels can participate. GFNCS events combine friendly competition with a social atmosphere before, during, and after each event. They also seek to engage youth in the sport of cycling by partnering with (and donating funds to) a local organization that focuses on youth in cycling. GFNCS is committed to inspiring a healthy life style and motivating people to engage in and take pride in their health and the environment.  

All GFNCS events follow the same format:

First, each event has been established in a geographic location that offers premier roads and terrain for cycling. They then developed a route (approximately 100 miles) and truncate the route two times to provide three different distances so riders can participate in a distance that challenges them at their personal level of cycling.  The next step was to select highlighted sections of the route to be timed and count towards competition. 

GFNCS events are not timed start to finish, rather only the highlighted timed sections of the route are used to determine competitive placement.  The Gran Route contains four timed sections, the Medio Route contains two timed sections, and the Piccolo Route has one timed section. 

Awards are presented by age-group and gender.  This format provides both a truly competitive environment, and at the same time allows riders to enjoy themselves - viewing the scenery, stopping at aid stations, and socializing with friends and other riders. 

After riders finish, they are treated to a hot meal and a cold beer or other beverage to celebrate.

Gran Route finishers are awarded a finishers medal as they pass under the finish arch to note their accomplishment. Awards and prizes, (including custom winner kits {bib-shorts and jersey from Pactimo} for the 1st place Gran Route riders), are presented at each event to the top three riders in each age group category.

This format provides both an extremely competitive event and a user-friendly cycling race that challenges and welcomes all riders into the sport of bicycle racing.

All GFNCS events are designed with consideration for the environment and the local communities in proximity to our events. 

In order to ensure low-negative impact on the environment, all GFNCS courses are marked with reusable, high-visibility signage.  When marking route directions on pavement, GFNCS always use a water soluble spray chalk that has a limited environmental and visual impact. 

With regard to the local communities, GFNCS is dedicated to building appreciation for cycling in every community we work with. Our four time section format requires much less traffic control and uses low traffic roads to minimize traffic delays which often irritate local residents and can cause a negative view of cyclists.

2015 Schedule


Date Event Location Routes Diff 
Mar 29 Central Florida Gran Fondo GFNCS San Antonio, Florida, USA 35,55,100 miles C
Apr 19 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo GFNCS Clayton, Georgia, USA 32, 69, 108 miles F
Jun 07 Highlands Gran Fondo GFNCS Newfoundland, New Jersey, USA 25, 60, 100 miles F
Jun 21 Golden Gran Fondo GFNCS Golden, Colorado, USA 20, 60, 90 miles F
Aug 02 Boone Gran Fondo GFNCS Boone, North Carolina, USA 20, 55, 105 miles F
Aug 30 Gran Fondo Asheville GFNCS Asheville, North Carolina, USA 30, 60, 110 miles F
Sep 20 Gran Fondo National Championship GFNCS Frederick, Maryland, USA 32, 62, 100 miles F

The tough Gran Fondo Colorado

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