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Welcome to Gran Fondo USA >> VIDEO: This is how we Rollfast

VIDEO: This is how we Rollfast

800 riders took part in the fastest ride of their life at the SOLD OUT Rollfast Gran Fondo in Carmel, Indiana

Since the inception of the Rollfast Gran Fondo it's been a fast ride. The course is flat and sheltered from most wind by tall Indiana corn. In 2015 a challenge was submitted to finish in under 4 hours. Several local teams worked together and 25 finished under the 4 hour mark.

In 2016, word had spread across the borders of the United States into Canada and even Puerto Rico. "This is one fast event." New riders traveled and conquered the SUB4 Challenge and SUB5 challenge.

Firepower came from all around the world and dominated the course, from as far as El Salvador.

Fastest Fondo Yet Again

2017 saw the fastest peloton, knocking over 6 minutes off the previous record for the 100 mile Gran Fondo.

Last year's winner Matt Salpietro from Indiana set the fastest time of 3 hours 44 minutes 59 seconds. 

SUB4 Belt Buckle Awards

43 riders took home a SUB4 belt buckle, awarded to those who completed the 100 mile Gran Fondo course in under 4 hours!

The Rollfast Fondo has 3 routes the Piccolo, Medio and Gran 25, 65 and 100 miles respectively, so there's a ride for all abilities of cyclists.

The Rollfast Gran Fondo is ranked one of the top 10 Gran Fondo's in the USA.

2017 Results: http://www.rollfastfondo.com/results.asp#/results::150641594288800

2017 Photos: http://www.photobymeyer.com/IndianapolisPhotography/Fondo2017

For more more information, please visit rollfastfondo.com and check out the coolest cycling tees at rollfastfondo.com/rollfast-brand-store

VIDEO: 2017 Rollfast Gran Fondo

Video and photo credit @photobymeyer www.photobymeyer.com

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