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Great Start for Gran Fondo Badlands

Inaugural Gran Fondo Badlands was an unqualified success!

Race organizer, Rick Skeith says he's only had a couple of complaints from participants who missed a rest stop and so found themselves without water when they needed it.

"Ninety-nine per cent of the people loved the venue and if it wasn't for the wind and a little bit of rain -- some guys got pounded -- it would have been a perfect day."

The total number of riders was close to 490, says Skeith, including about 20 walk-ups on race day Saturday morning (June 28).

He's already making plans for the second Gran Fondo Badlands in 2015.  

"We're thinking of coming out and having a meeting with various participants earlier on in planning next year's event.  We've got some things we think will make it even better." 

Rumours of a tragedy to mar the inaugural Gran Fondo Badlands bicycle race in Drumheller were just that, rumours. 

A post on Facebook indicated a cyclist had been hit by a car east of Drumheller, but race organizer, Rick Skeith told 99.5 Drum FM that's news to him.

"A couple guys ran into each other, a couple guys hit potholes or weren't paying attention and fell down, got a little road rash, but no serious injuries."

Skeith says 99 percent of the riders he's spoken to raved about the scenic venue of the Drumheller Valley and he's looking forward to next year's Gran Fondo Badlands.

Great Start for Gran Fondo Badlands