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United States | Southeast | Virginia >> Hundreds Tackled the Gigantic Mt. Palomar in 5th Annual Giro Di San Diego

Hundreds tackled the Gigantic Mt. Palomar in 5th annual Giro Di San Diego Gran Fondo

Gran Fondo included over 10,000 feet of climbing and the south grade of Palomar Mountain served as the KOM/QOM

Southern California met Italy at the 5th Annual Giro di San Diego Gran Fondo, a celebration of cycling, food, and San Diego's North Coast.

There was something for everyone, with five different cycling events, including mountain bike courses of 10 and 30 miles and three road riding options:  38, 65, and 105 miles.

The 105-mile “Gran Fondo” route is the only local event to feature a timed climb up the South Grade of Mount Palomar. Often compared to France’s Alpe d’Huez, Palomar is a fabled climb, summiting at 5,240’, which has been featured twice in the AMGEN Tour of California.

George Tomasich won KOM in a time of 1h 8m 3s ahead of Nate Martinez and Stephane Roch. Jenny Fletcher won the QOM in a time of 1h 27m 17s.

In the Gran Fondo, David  Bruemmer finished first, ahead of Stephane Roch and Tony Pastore in a time of 5h 59m 8s. For the women Beth Williams put in a solid effort winning in a time of 7h 27m 14s.

In the Medio Fondo, Anthony Owens finished fastest in a time of 3h:29m:59s and Tamara Wilson in a time of 4h:1m:44s for the women.

In the Piccolo Fondo, Mutlu Basdas reigned supreme in a time of 1h:57m:30s and Sherry Mesman in a time of 2h:44m:44s for the women.

Over the entire weekend of the Giro di San Diego, a Bike and Fitness Expo featured with the ambience of a Southern California street fair held on Solana Beach’s Fletcher Cove, just steps from the Pacific Ocean.

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marcoantonioregil - See you at the finish line around 12:30 pm if you want come cheer at take a selfie! 150 S Sierra Avenue, Solana Beach, CAReed A. Harris II @reedharris2 - The gigantic mountain is Mt. Palomar & yeah, we had to climb the 5,289 ft to the top ?? ?? #girodisandiego #granfondobp_allen - Downloaded pics from #girodisandiego Cant wait to get back on my bike ... #canaricyclewear #cycling #cyclistmichaelcamp95 - #girodisandiego 1/2 way there 50 miles and 7000 feet of climbing! Yhewww!polo_ramirez - Awww gracias mi baby @mayradpm !!! Te quiero mucho ! Gracias por las porras y los ánimosvelofixsandiego - Grans, Medios, Piccolos all launched & spinning! The Giro di San Diego is on! Velofix is in full route support... 6 punctures, 1 broken chain, helmet provision, even loaned headphones... We do it all! #velofix #bikesandiego #girodisandiegomacjohnthebombcom - Did the @giro_di_sandiego_granfondo today with the @mmcc_cycling. Was suppose to do the 55 mile route but missed the cut off and had to do the 105 mile route. Had to climb the south grade of Palomar Mountain, then climb Cole Grade Rd which is a 12% grade. Glad I missed the cut off as I was able test myself well beyond my comfort levelfasteddiesd23 - Today was a GREAT day in the saddle!! Rode the Giro di San Diego today & man was it a big push for me!! My ride was 66 miles, & I climbed just shy of 4700 ft., with temps getting up to 95 degrees at one point!! Brutal..., but I love challenging myself, setting a goal, & accomplishing it!5skaggs- Earrings shaped like bicycles, check. Custom-designed #GirodiSanDiego kit, check. #FeltZW2, check. Cant wait to look stylish for tomorrows #sufferfest! ?? #granfondo #century #palomar #rideyourbikeadrian_adrift - 1hr 34 mins 25.3 miles! Felt good.#girodisandiego #cyclinglife #cyclebabetribalancedlife - Todays event/workout: Giro Di San Diego courtesy of @kozevents #biking #girodisandiego #triathlete #triathlontrainingbigdummyart - Kinda cool to live and ride on a road worthy of #bikeevents now and then. Getting out the Cow Bells and Chalk . #lakewohlford #girodisandiego